Outdoor Oasis grew out of a business venture started by its owner, Jimy White, in November 2003. In 2003, Jimy was the sole employee. Over the years, demand for his lawn care services grew to the point that Jimy hired additional personnel and named the company White Lawn Care. The company began offering landscaping services in addition to the lawn care services and was renamed Outdoor Oasis in 2009. Outdoor Oasis is a full service landscaping company offering landscaping design, installation and maintenance. If you can dream it, we can build it.


Core Aerating, overseeding, and starter fertilization gives your lawn an early start to fall’s natural harvest. In the fall, the ground opens up to receive nutrients over the winter, which is also why farmers turn their gardens. By core aerating early, you are manipulating the whole process. Thus, giving the new grass time to start the germination process and get a root base established before the winter season when the grass goes dormant. That established grass will be ready for spring’s showers which allows the roots to grow deeper and prepares the new turf to withstand the summer heat. Allow us to prepare your lawn now for the spring, and have your neighbor’s asking what you did to have such a lavish lawn.


Nothing is better than the flowers blooming and the crispness of a detailed to you landscape for your home or office. We will be glad to help you with your landscaping needs, no matter how big the project. We will gladly handle all phases of the landscaping world; design, install, maintenance. We can add flagstone or paver patio, a fire pit, any landscaping need.


We also offer turn-key turf (grass) maintenance. Sit back, relax, and allow us to handle your lawn so that you can spend more time with the family. We offer weekly mow schedules to keep your lawn looking its best, and monthly billing to make the service automatic.

Custom Services

Our custom services allow the home or business owner to set the level of service that meets their needs. This service is great for the client that travels, for a vacation home in the area, or even a rental property. Not only will our well trained staff handle the services requested, they will also watch over the property and report any problems or damages that may have occurred since the last visit, offering an on the spot temporary fix for larger issues.